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Een Verre Reis (Toon Tellegen)

发行商: YipYip
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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'A Distant Journey' was awarded Best Kids App more than once:
- Golden Guppy 2017 (Cinekid / Mediawijzer)
- European Lovie Award 2017 (People's Choice and Bronze)
- Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2017

A philosophical story for all ages!

In ‘A Distant Journey’ we learn about Elephant, who tries to run from his deepest wishes. We also meet his friend Squirrel, who is deeply concerned about him. And then there’s this weird tree, hidden in the faraway desert…

With hand drawn illustrations, lively animations and a beautiful soundtrack an engaging graphical story emerges, based on the original text by Dutch author Toon Tellegen.

* A unique interactive picture book experience
* Richly illustrated in warm tones
* Suitable for all ages (best for 6 years and up)
* The emphasis is on reading, so no distractions!
* You can read at your own speed…
* …or listen to the voice-over
* Including an original soundtrack

* Read by yourself or listen to the storyteller
* Execute simple commands to move to the next scene
* Cheerful animations lead you through the story
* Read at your own pace: no stress or hurry!
* Pause button
* Beautiful, literary language
* No advertising or commercial contribution from third parties
* No in-app purchases
* Suitable for iPhone and iPad


"What a beautiful app is ‘A Distant Journey’, also fun for parents!" - Bookstart

"The beautiful illustrations and mysterious music make this app very original. {...} The app stimulates the fantasy and offers a unique way to experience one of the many animal stories of Toon Tellegen." - Cinekid AppLab

"Characters that can be different and go without judging each other, in the animal world of Toon Tellegen it's all possible: beautiful drawings, matching music and not too complicated assignments invite children to come along." - Lotje & Co

"It is a beautiful way to be involved with a story. The rule that you always turn the pages of a book from left to right does not apply at all and that gives a surprising effect." - Miss Jannie


"I love it!" - Toon Tellegen, author

"It is a great compliment that Toon Tellegen loves my illustrations, more so because they come from a great admiration for his work." - Gwen Stok, illustrator

"In the app we want to approach the warm and friendly feeling of paper as closely as possible." - Paul Bierhaus, art director

"We have playfully used various acoustic and digital instruments to create a layered atmosphere in this story by Toon Tellegen, which is light, but also dark." - Rikke Korswagen and Elma Plaisier, music

At YipYip Kids we make child-friendly apps and games. Often with an educational character, but sometimes also purely for the pleasure of a special digital product. Previously, we worked in our children's apps with illustrations by Fiep Westendorp (Jip and Janneke) and Marit Törnqvist (Fabians Party), published by Querido. We do our very best to create inspiring apps for children and their parents, with stories and games that stimulate the imagination and invite you to a conversation. And perhaps most importantly: we do not allow advertisements from third parties or in-app purchases in our products for children.

‘A Distant Journey’ is an initiative of Gwen Stok (Gwenst) and YipYip, in collaboration with Querido Kinderboeken. Development is made possible by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and IMG Festival.


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