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Lighting calculations made easy!

As with all our Apps this App provides the underlying maths and theory behind the calculations together with worked examples. This will allow you to not just get an answer, but more more importantly, to understand how the answer was derived.

Light Pie is written to allow you to undertake fundamental lighting calculations with ease. The following three features are available within the App:

Foot-candle Lux:

Upon entering an illuminance level in either Lux or Foot-candles this feature converts the provided value into its corresponding Lux or Foot-candle value.

Installation Lifetime:

Upon entering the luminaire or lamp life together with the installation’s annual operating hours this feature will calculate the installations lifespan, i.e. the time from new until either relamping or new luminaires are required.

Lumen Method:

Upon entering the required illuminance, room area, average luminous flux of the lamp, luminaire utilisation factor, and luminaire maintenance factor, this feature calculates the number of luminaires needed to achieve the required illuminance.

“Written by Engineers for Engineers”

About Pork Pie Software:

Pork Pie Software is a mobile app development company based in New Zealand. Our apps are actually written and coded by real engineers that practice in the engineering area that each app is written in.

All feedback and suggestions are genuinely welcome. As we write our own apps we can quickly update and improve our apps based on your feedback.

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