160dB Sound Level Meter

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"DB160Meter" transforms the iPhone into a noise-meter with a display range up to 160 decibels

"DB160Meter" is none of the usual sound level meter Apps for the iPhone ™ and iPodTouch ™. A simple "trick" can be displayed to 160dB with this ambient sound level meter. This is achieved by a specific distance correction setting. The decibel figure refers to (all be able to make comparisons) usually at a distance of one meter between the sound source and the measurement site. Now we magnified the distance to the source, so the dB measured at a certain ratio decreases, that is 6 dB at a distance doubling. It is precisely this context, use this app to also measured to show the outside of the actual measuring range of the iPhone (about 100dB).

In practice the measurement is made now by simply entering the distance between the meter and the sound source via a slider. The slider can be set up from 10 cm up to 1,000 meters of distance at reasonable level steps . The display is in the normal way in decibels (db SPL) and refers to the normalized distance of 1 meter. So if you want a very loud source (greater than 100dB noisy measure), then you simply increase the distance from 1 meter to 4 meters and your measurement range is increased to over 110dB. Please note that after the app always start the correction on the normal distance of 1 meter is set automatically.

The sound level display is carried in three different ways: The dB value is displayed with an analog pointer instrument. Here, changes and trends can be detected very easily. In the digital display the measured value is displayed as an exact numerical value, this is especially useful at constant volume. Additionally, located below the digital display there is a bar chart. This bar does NOT show the (logarithmic) DB-value, but the linear sound level (raw SPL). Here, 50% of the bar represents although 50% of the effective sound level, or half the range of the analog converter converted by the iPhone's / iPt's internal analogue to digital converter.

The App DB160Meter "is not a scientific instrument with the one can perform professional measurements, because this would have that each device (your individual iPhone / iPT) must be calibrated. The author of the app assumes no liability for any damages caused by the use.

Important Note:
To use this app with the iPodTouch, an external microphone is required, e.g. Apple headset with microphone. You can also obtain a special condenser microphone with attached wind protection suitable for iPT and iP in the Web store at www.hmb-tec.de.

If you have further questions please contact

Bad Homburg

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