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There is a high probability that we know who will score the next goal. This app with real-time data analysis of soccer games around the globe makes you the omniscient god of soccer!

How much possession does the favored team have? Our statistics are up-to-date every second of the football game and help you to assess the game.

- Bundled real-time statistics of a running game
- New goal statistic after the last goal
- Analysis and evaluation of live games in real time
- Push notifications about hit calculations
- Game schedules worldwide (today / tomorrow)
- Management of favorite games
- Multi-check for ongoing, active pushes
- Overview of sent recommendations

With us you will get the decisive advantage in your circle of friends and secure the winning tip. We carry all relevant games worldwide and guarantee you 100% soccer fun every day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Update v2.6.0:

Form table - selection of matches according to the form of the teams.
Filtering of matches can now be done not only by match day (today or tomorrow), but also by teams' form. The results of the last 3 matches are displayed for each team (W/D/L = won/draw/lost). The games of the teams with the best form – therefore won the most games – appear at the top of the table.

Statistics of the last 10/15/20 minutes
By clicking on the new statistics icon, statistics of the last 10, 15 or 20 minutes can be retrieved and displayed. This helps the user enormously to better assess the current development of a match.

Show statistics since the last goal
When pressing the soccer icon, the statistics since the last goal are displayed. All values except ball possession, yellow and red cards are reset. The feature has got a new animated design. You can now immediately see that you are in the other mode.

Pressure of teams is displayed even after the 79th minute of the game
The pressure exerted by a team is now displayed even after the 79th minute of the match. However, no recommendation is given anymore. The bar will be displayed in red.

Search in the live games
Under the live games it is now possible to search for teams or leagues. This saves valuable time.

Detail view of a match now with the form of the teams
Under the team names the results of the last 5 matches are now displayed (W/D/L = won/draw/lost). This allows the user to better judge the form of each team.

Cancel subscription
We have added a description on how to cancel the subscription.

App Tutorial
A new, clear presentation of all functions allows a detailed overview of all the unique and useful features of the 1X2LiveTip app.

You have suggestions or want to support us with the introduction of the app? Feel free to send us an email ( or give us a rating in the App Store!


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