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2Screens Presenter for iPhone

发行商: Edwin Lam
价格: 2.99 USD 支持应用内购买
兼容性: Apple Watch & iPhone


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Since its launch in mid 2010, '2Screens - Presentation Expert' has always been one of the best-selling iPad apps specialized for conducting presentations. Now, an iPhone version is available!

With a full-featured document manager, file viewer, web browser and whiteboard with VGA-out* and HDMI-out** to TV, LCD monitor or projector, 2Screens for iPhone is your perfect tool for showing your presentation materials, no matter they are stored on your iPhone, on the Internet or a private web site.

With multi-tab support, you can switch among screens with web contents, PDF/PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets or photos/image files, all within this app easily during a presentation.

The app supports to use the iPhone app '2Screens Remote’ (sold separately) as a Bluetooth remote control for switching among pages/tabs and moving the ‘laser pointer’.

You can annotate on a whiteboard/chalkboard tab, or use the current slide as a background image. Screenshots of the annotations can be saved for future use.

Please note that the app requires to be run on iPhone 4 or the 4th generation of iPod Touch (or newer models) in order to make use of the TV-out function.

*VGA-out requires an Apple VGA adapter. Component or Composite AV cables are also supported at lower resolution.
**HDMI-out requires an Apple Digital AV adapter



Document manager, file viewer, web browser, A/V player, text file editor
Fast PDF display engine
Auto-detect and output to connected external screens
TV-out to projector or LCD/HDTV through Apple VGA or Digital AV adapters
AirPlay support - stream presentation slides and videos to Apple TV2
HTML5 video (e.g. youtube) shown on external screen
Supports Apple VGA adapter, Apple Digital AV adapter, Apple Component AV cable and Apple Composite AV cable


Mirror display from iPhone to external screen
Tool bar for switching pages and control
“Laser Pointer” function
"Slide Navigator" for easy preview of slides
Play/stop background music
Full-screen display
Dedicated meeting notes file for each document
Support to use iPhone app "2Screens Remote" as a Bluetooth remote control for switching among slides, starting/pausing video playback and controlling the the ‘laser pointer’
Allow remote control by Bluetooth keyboard for page switching
Whiteboard for annotating on screen (supports freehand drawing, drawing of shapes like arrows, rectangles, circles/ellipse and polygons, etc)
“Slide show” function to auto-advance slides at user-selectable intervals
Show presenter notes in PPTX and Keynote files, as well as PDFs exported through the Mac Keynote app for Keynote/PowerPoint files
Play embedded videos in PDF/PPTX/Keynote


Supports “Tabs” (multiple concurrent sessions) and fast switching among sessions
Support reload of last-viewed file or web site on start-up


USB and Wi-Fi file transfer between iPhone and computer
Download files from Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box and Microsoft SkyDrive
Download web documents from Internet
Create, move, rename, delete or decompress files/folders on local folders
Open mail attachments and save to local folder
In-app mail-out for sending files as attachments
Allow local files be opened by other apps such as Pages, Keynote, or any that support "inter-app file sharing"
Open files of other apps through the "Open In" menu
Allow editing of text files
Allow capturing of screenshots as images for saving in local folders or the Photo Album
Support PDF embedded links and table of contents


Web: HTML, PDF, text, Safari WebArchive
Microsoft Office: Words, Excel and PowerPoint (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPTM)
Apple iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote
Image: PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, etc
HTML5 Video, MP3, AIFF, M4A, MOV, M4V

Please note that animations and transition effects in Keynote and PowerPoint files are NOT supported.


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