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3 Headed Hydra Snake Simulator

发行商: Kseniya Vazilyuk
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Feel like a strong and mighty reptile with multiple heads from Greek myths and legends with 3 Headed Hydra Snake Simulator! Live the full cycle of legendary beast's life - from little nestling to the giant mighty Lernean Hydra with our game!

Become a horrific mythical reptile creature fighting against mankind! The winter has come to your hunting grounds – so, you must eat even fresher and sweet human meat to survive! Hunt peasants as your prey and fight knights and bandits! Try to survive in this harsh and enchanted world – and become the most dangerous creature here by yourself!

Fight for your life against human heroes – warriors, knights, bandits, wizards, druids, clerics, rogues, sorcerers or warlocks! Unfortunately, you don’t have legendary regeneration. Watch out your energy, health and hunger stats, or you can suddenly find yourself weak and dying during the important fight with some brutal monster! Beware the Giants with sharp swords and heavy mace!

Complete different battling missions to earn experience points! Raise up your hydra characteristics and buy power-ups to make it stronger! Customize your legendary monster to make it unique! Have fun playing 3 Headed Hydra Snake Simulator – great game for those who love fantasy games and survival simulators!

Being a legendary beast is not a fantasy anymore – it’s reality! Choose your hydra and enjoy this magic world in 3 Headed Hydra Snake Simulator!

3 Headed Hydra Snake Simulator features:
• Fantastic medieval beast survival simulator
• Different missions with cruel enemies
• Various colorful hydras
• An exciting world of swords and magic!


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