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3 in 1 Bundle (Find My Car / Fuel / PinPoints)

发行商: Dennis Donner
价格: 1.99 USD


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*** Find My Car ***

Have you often forgotten where you left your car?
Or received an unnecessary parking fine?
Then "Find My Car" is the perfect app for you!
As with "Find My Car" you will relocate your car without any stress or you will be reminded of when your parking ticket runs out, for example.

App overview:

-Save parking position by means of GPS
-Make additional corrections via Drag&Drop
-Share parking position with other Find My Car users
-Calculate and display route between your current position and parking position (also optional in the internal iOS maps app)
-Save photo
-Possibility to set a timer for an elapsing parking ticket
-Add memos to be able to assure parking level including parking position or other parking information in a multistory car-park.

*** Fuel ***

Want to know how much fuel your car is using? What kind of petrol costs your upcoming trip will involve?

You can work all that out quickly and easily with the Tank app. You can manage multiple vehicles with this application, set your own fuel types and record each time you fill vehicles.

Total mileage and difference from last top-up are possible so there's nothing to stop you calculating exact costs – per kilometre or per year.
The app also enables the creation diagrams for usage and prices. It's easy to use and comes with a clear menu.

Features at a glance:
- Units of measure adjustable to meet the desired format
- Statistics/diagrams on consumption, fuel prices, and vehicle costs
- App requires no internet connection
- Option of creating more than one vehicle

*** PinPoints ***

You want to know how far you are from the South Pole? Are you interested in knowing the distance between two specific cities? You'll find yourself heading in the right direction with this app.

PinPoints enables you to quickly and easily measure the linear distance between two chosen points. Anywhere in the world, you can calculate routes with this app as a bird would fly them. PinPoints is a navigation tool that can be hugely useful both privately and commercially.

▸ Choose among 3 different position determinants
▹ Current location
▹ Choose on the map
▹ Address
▸ Save offline
▸ Illustrated linear distances on the map
▸ Information in kilometers or miles, depending on location
▸ Easy to use
▸ Easy and clear menu


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