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3D Monster Maze

发行商: Yesung Moore
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Re-live the early 1980's, the era of home computing before colour and sound with this homage to the great ZX81 (also known as the Timex Sinclair 1000) and the classic game 3D Monster Maze.

Created for iOS using only the original style black-and-white crude and blocky graphics that the ZX81 had, this game will take you back…

Alone and unarmed, you find yourself in a stark and daunting maze inhabited by a hungry and relentless tyrannosaurus rex that will do its best to hunt you down and eat you before you escape.

The randomly created maze is different every time and the exit portal, depicted as a swirling pattern of symbols, will be found in a dead-end somewhere within. Beware, the rex may be lurking nearby though!

This version offers 2 modes, classic and enhanced. In enhanced mode you are assisted by a few extras such as a compass showing a bearing to the exit and extra information along the way.

During play, you can hold the NEW key for a few seconds to abandon the maze and return to the introduction, losing your score in the process.

If you should manage to escape the maze without being eaten, you retain your score and a new maze is created.

Only the keys required from the ZX81 keyboard are shown.

Instructions are also available during the introduction preamble which includes details on the scoring.

The introductory text can be fast-forwarded by holding the up arrow key.

This is not a ZX81 emulator, but a game created from scratch that mimics the old 1980’s ZX81 game style and graphics.

Enjoy the nostalgia!


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