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This is short, simple, addictive mind test and training. The aim is to find, as fast as possible, all 40 numbered tiles (by tapping them) consecutively, starting from tile number 1 and ending at tile number 40.

The results (current score as well as previous scores) will be shown after tapping last (40th) tile. The most recent result is indicated as a bar at the bottom with the numerical value of the score.

The results are shown as a green, yellow or red horizontal bar starting in the middle of the screen and directed to the right (better results) or to the left (worse results). If you can find all the tiles fast enough to get result indicated by a green bar, it is great score and your mind can focus correctly and is pretty perceptive. The thin red line shows your best score ever. If your score is indicated by yellow bar, that's still ok, however you can try to be faster. The score bar shown in red means that your mind is "sleepy" and it should be woken up. To get better focusing ability more training is required...

Such a method of improving the clarity of mind, attention ability and visual perception is a modification of the idea known as a Schulte table (S. A. Rimskij, R. R. Rimskaja, Almanac of psychological tests, 3rd Edition, KSP, 1996, pp. 117–118).

brain focus


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