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With Dah Sing Bank Mobile Application, you can manage your finance anytime anywhere, and enjoy various banking services & information:

- Mobile banking (Provide balance enquiry, funds transfer, bill payment, buy/sell foreign currency, etc. Simply log in with e-Banking User ID and Password. You can also activate Dah Sing Security Authentication to quick log into Dah Sing Mobile Banking through Fingerprint or Face ID or Facial Recognition or Security Passcode Authentication.)
- "e-Express Application" Service for Credit Card / Personal Loan (With the Online Identity Verification, e-Signature and Online Document Submission, you no longer need to visit our branches for application!)
- Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong Dollar & Foreign Currency Deposit Rates and Exchange Rates)
- Stock Trading (For Dah Sing Bank securities account holders)
- Property Valuation (Free instant property valuation)
- Branch / ATM (Search your nearest branches / ATM)
- Latest Promotion and various banking services
(Apply for personal loans and credit cards)
- Online Appointment (Make an appointment to become VIP Banking or YOU Banking customers)

Subsequent updates to the Dah Sing Bank Mobile Application will include new services and features. Please stay tuned.

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