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7Krave: Food Delivery in JA

发行商: Innovative Menu Solutions Ltd
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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7Krave is the ultimate mobile app in Jamaica where users can search for food and discover great places to eat. 7Krave allows users to be able to browse through updated interactive menus and photos and ultimately place orders and have the meal delivered to them.

Food Related? Use 7Krave

**The 7 unique Features of 7Krave **

1. Order now or pre-order your next meal and we deliver the food to you. Payments include cash, credit card or your personal 7Krave Wallet.

2. Search for and view the full details of a restaurant or restaurants belonging to a specific cuisine. (E.g. Chinese Restaurants)

3. For the first time you can search for a specific food and view all the details. (E.g. Ackee and Saltfish).

4. Browse any Restaurant's full Menu visually with all the details.

5. Take advantage of restaurants' promotional offers including coupons.

7. View collections of food and restaurants and simply keep up with what is trending. E.g. Hottest Burger Joints


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849 条评价

Get rid of service fee

Get rid of the service fee and watch your sales grow that service fee is way too high... from time to time I see you guys remove it, get rid of it all together.



There are several reviews about now nice and responsive the app UI is. Fine. But these people are literal frauds. They don’t know what they're doing at all. I ordered my food through the app and received notifications that the food arrived and it did not. They took my money and I received nothing. Don’t believe the reviews and dont believe anything they say.



My first two uses were satisfactory. I just waited 1.5 hours today to receive soggy fries etc with my KFC order. Hungry and disgusted.


Waste of time

Very poor customer service, your meals literally will not be delivered. The telephone numbers provided will also go unanswered.


Terrible customer experience

Cancelled my order after accepting payment and order 2 days in a row. Day 1: apparently kitchens restaurant had closed ( said on app it was open for 2 more hours ) Day 2: I did not specify exactly what extras I wanted with my meal ( and there was no option to do so when ordering ) . So cancelled my order


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