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Fly Taxi 的士 - HK Taxi Call App

发行商: Tat Man Siu
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Welcome to Fly Taxi, where you can simply book the cheapest most reliable taxi rides in town.

FlyTaxi is changing the way you travel by offering the easiest ride-hailing service with enhanced quality, comfort, and reliability. In addition to daily and weekly discounts.

Fly Taxi will be your friend while traveling around Hong Kong, whenever and wherever you wish for. In the morning, afternoon or during nightlife, we will assure that your driver will arrive in the shortest time possible at your pickup location and bring you to your destination with a big smile on their face.

FlyTaxi - the HK Taxi ride booking app that makes booking your trip and getting things done easy and fast. So that you can simply book and enjoy your rides without worrying about anything.

If you need a taxi service that has everything you might need traveling around Hong Kong if you need a taxi cab ride from/to the airport, or you need to get to the nearest MRT subway station or KMB bus station to your home or hotel, on time & without any complications. We are here to tell you that Fly Taxi got you covered.

FlyTaxi Features:

Easy to use: Booking your HK Taxi trip is made easy & fast.

Auto Detect Taxi Color: With Fly Taxi App, Red, Green, or Blue Taxi will be auto detected!

Cashless payment to reduce virus contact risk: You can request paying with Payme / Octopus Card in the remarks field. Please double-confirm with the driver before the ride starts.

You know how many taxis nearby!:Flytaxi APP displays online drivers nearby on the map, you will have a better idea about the trip!

Know Exactly where your driver is: With Fly Taxi You can check real-time driver location on the map, and how long it's gonna take them to reach you.

How does the FlyTaxi app work:

Ride hailing (Booking HK Taxi):

1- Set your pickup location.
2- Set up your destination (to get a fare estimate and arrive easier).
3- From more options so you can choose what type of HKTaxi You want (Red, Green, or Blue Taxi).
4- Then click on "->" BUTTON with the estimated fare to request the taxi to come pick you up.
5 - Enjoy the Ride!

No matter how you feel like:- traveling, exploring the nightlife, or you would like to request an airport transfer - FlyTaxi will be your travel companion, wherever and whenever you wish for. Fly Taxi provides you with the best ride booking experience in Hong Kong - so that you can simply enjoy travelling.

Booking cab taxi rides made easy and fast with Fly Taxi. Book your ride now!

Do you need help?
Email: (Ken)


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