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Ever forgotten your past year papers at home or feel carrying them around is too bulky? A+Papers was created to solve this problem for millions of students worldwide currently enrolled in CIE and Edexcel A-Levels.

• A+Papers solves the tedious task of having to open Safari and then going to an A-Levels past year papers hosting website and then looking for their subject and countless clicks later finally being able to open their desired paper. It achieves the same result but in a fraction of the time and with better user interactions.

• A+Papers now hosts past year papers for CIE and Edexcel A-Level students across the world.

• A+Papers has also introduced its latest feature - PaperSaver; which allow you to download and save any paper you desire through the in-app purchase and it lasts for lifetime meaning you can download and save as many papers as you want. These papers can then be opened and viewed even without an internet connection.

• A+Papers welcome page is designed with images that have been researched to instil a calming and stress-relieving psychological effect on students and adults alike. We seek to help students in all the little ways possible as we understand A-Levels is a demanding programme.

•Subject Library
A+Papers allows all A-Level students to access an entire library of subjects available online to browse through and open at any time. It makes past year papers easily accessible by allowing students to view a list of subjects arranged in alphabetical order and even includes subject codes for those subjects with similar names as to avoid confusion for students.

•Paper Finder
A+Papers integrates an additional feature for CIE A-Levels aimed to increase functionality of students by allowing students to input relevant details about their desired paper such as the year and subject code etc. and the Paper Finder automatically searches for the paper and takes the user to the pdf file. All at the click of a button.

• Disclaimer: This app is not an official product of the brands CIE or Papacambridge or PhysicsMathsTutor. Nor is it affiliated with any representatives of any of the brands. Registered brand names are owned by their respected owners and this app is not a an offical representation on behalf of the brand. In case of an issue arising, the brands do not hold any responsibility for the damage caused by using the app.

A+Papers key features:

∆ Access to over 60+ different CIE A-Level subjects and 7 of the most popular Edexcel A-Level subjects.
∆ Over 60000+ worth of resources available to access.
∆ Support for AirPrint, so any pdfs can be connected to a printer to print the pdf file from within the app.
∆ Users can now download and save papers for use without an internet connection by unlocking the feature.
∆ Paper Finder for CIE makes opening a desired paper a momentary task.
∆ Welcome page is infused with calming and stress-relieving designs.
∆ Makes the search for papers a better experience, in time and feel.
∆ Supports both portrait and landscape orientations while viewing papers.
∆ Now supports up to 8 languages.
∆ Enables swipe navigation to go back to previous views.
∆ Supports both iPhone and iPad from iPhone 6 onwards.
∆ Free to download and use all the functions of the app, however In-app purchases - PaperSaver; unlocks additional features such as downloading and saving papers for use without an internet connection exists.

Feel free to contact us at apluspapers1208@gmail.com for any further enquiries or suggestions to improve our app. Thank you.

------A+Papers was inspired and created for students, by students.------

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