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An Excellent Resource For The NLP Student, Practitioner or Curious Individual Looking To Expand Their Knowledge And Skills.

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NLP Magazine delivers tips and tools from the experts in Neuro Linguistic Programming around the world and puts it in one place for easy, convenient access right on your mobile.

We showcase the people, products, trends, techniques, research & events, and connect you with resources you can use toward everyday successes, long into the future.

• Get expert tips & opinions
• Watch language & skills videos, documentaries, workshops and interviews with NLP notables.
• Review & develop your NLP tools & techniques
• Build & enhance all-important Positive Attitudes
• Fine-tune & accelerate your Personal Development
• And Boost your Health & Wellbeing with insights straight from NLP co-developers and other renown experts in the field.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an extraordinary body of knowledge that is changing the world by allowing people to improve their quality of life on many different levels.

A sensory-based technology, NLP explores the influence of thought, & the structure and transfer of subjective experience.

It provides a framework that allows the essentials of personal excellence to be 'captured' and transferred to others, and has fueled the success of countless people around the world from Presidents to Princesses and Celebrities to Sporting champions.

By discovering and unpacking the structure of excellence displayed by any expert in their field, those same patterns can then be taught to others so that they can achieve similar results relatively quickly.

NLP has applications in virtually every area of personal and professional life. And since you will always be living your life with yourself, these skills and techniques will empower you through understanding how you structure your own experience from the inside out.

NLP Magazine is a quality publication designed to inform, educate, entertain and empower the reader. A convenient must-have app to enhance your knowledge of NLP and help you enjoy using it more in your own life.

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