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Parents, are you searching for a fun and creative app to inspire your preschooler to learn the alphabet and phonics? Your kids will have loads of fun personalizing letters and turning them into crazy characters while they learn.

Created by a Mum/Teacher with Kindergarten and Preschool Teachers, this app teaches phonemic letter sounds, associating them with their letter form, names of letters and the meaning and pronunciation of new words starting with letters.

The game is playable in 5 languages: English (US & UK), Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese

The phonemic skills this game teaches are key skills preschoolers need to acquire based on the American Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence. The Preschool Sequence states “a crucial part of learning to read is developing phonemic awareness, the understanding that individual sounds are associated with individual letters”

- "It’s created by a mom and teacher who understands what we want and what kids need."
- "The app is beautifully designed, with gorgeous graphics and vivid colors"
- ".. I am certain that kids would love this app..."
- "The combination of coloring, playing and learning is perfect"
- "This app is truly a fun and unique way to teach kids the alphabet"

Recommended Ages 2-5 years
Required iOS 7 or +


- Play in 5 languages: English (UK & US), Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese
- Play with upper or lowercase letters
- Easy for kids to play on their own
- 36 features to decorate letters including animated eyes, mouths and stickers
- 5 crayons to color letters
- Audio of phonemic letter sounds
- 45 animations of words starting with each letter
- Audio of letter names and a word starting with the letter eg. E is for elf
- Take a snapshot of your characters
- Create your own alphabet album on your device’s photo gallery
- No in-app purchases or third party advertising


ABC Gurus appeals to a child’s innate desire to interact and create. Children colour in and personalize the letters repeatedly while listening to the phonemic sounds they make. This is incidental learning, one of the most powerful learning forms for preschoolers. By repeatedly playing with the letter, kids learn to associate the letter form with its sound through repetition and identify it as the first letter in a word.


Scroll through the alphabet on a rotating planet, choose a letter and get creative coloring it, adding cartoon eyes, a toothy mouth and quirky accessories. Each time you color and add features, you hear the phonemic sound the letter makes. Tap the play button and a word starting with the letter comes to life in a hilarious animation. Interact with the animation and discover what happens!

Take a snapshot of your creation and it’s saved in a separate album on your device’s photo gallery. Complete your album with your A-Z creations for further practice.


Colto is a creative studio developing award winning educational mobile games for preschoolers that make them smile while they learn. Our team of Parents, Teachers, Developers and Designers creates high quality playful games that stimulate preschoolers to learn key educational skills based on the American Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence.


If you have any support requests, comments, or questions do not hesitate to contact us at or visit Colto’s online Community at We’d love to hear from you!

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