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The all new alphabetically ordered keyboard for is here. Finally typing is easy as ABC. Say Good Bye to the out-dated QWERTY keyboard forever and welcome your new effortless typing companion - ABC keyboard.

The Feature of ABC Keyboard:

Keys are ordered Alphabetically for effortless typing.

Why should I use ABC keyboard?

In this new keyboard the keys are arranged in ABC order (alphabetically). The QWERTY model keyboards were designed decades ago for physical typewriters and keyboards where we use all 10 fingers for typing. The letters were arranged in QWERTY because it’s the optimal the order of popular usage of keys. So frequently used keys were arranged together closest to all the fingers.

Today we only used both our thumbs to type on our smartphones and there is no need to keep following the complex QWERTY arrangement (unless you are a trained touch typing ninja who knows the full QWERTY order like the back of your hand).

It’s time to follow the obvious ABC order of keys in smartphone keyboards. Download this app now to get the ABC keyboard on your iPhone.

Try ABC keyboard once and you’ll wonder how you lived without them. It’s a simple yet smart change that will save lot of time and take away a chunk of cognitive load in typing. You will be surprised how easy typing is on an ABC keyboard!

The app is also good for educational purpose, when children want to learn the alphabetical order.

alphabetic ordered akhil typing


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