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aBill is an app with an easy and linear graphic that helps you make order in the management of receipts, bills, invoices, vouchers... automatically storing and sorting data in an intuitive and fast!

In a few easy steps you can scan your receipts, send them by e-mail, password-protect your data, view reports, statistics, search with many filters, create custom categories and accounts, and set reminders for deadlines!

You can also create PDF & Excel reports customized through several filters, to get an overview of your receipts, including statistics, with the ability to print directly from aBill, share it or open it with any other application on your device that can handle PDFs & Excel.

With aBill never forget the expiration of a utility bill, an installment, etc... In fact, you can save it, set the expiration date and choose how many days before being notified, even when the app is closed!

You can quickly scan receipts and choose later to crop the image and add additional information (category, account, amount, date, reminder date and notes). In the Memo window it is possible to see all the receipts incomplete. This will allow you to quickly scan numerous receipts and calmly enter the missing data when you have time.
The images of the receipts are also visible from the Documents folder of aBill on iTunes!

Below is a list of the characteristics of aBill :

* Monthly list of receipts;
* PDF & Excel Export (In-App Purchase);
* Report monthly, yearly and total;
* Search results in the current month;
* Advanced multiple combination of filters:
- Category
- Income
- Range of insertion date
- Range of reminders date
- Notes

* List of receipts:
- Expiring
- Expired
- Incomplete

* From Camera;
* From Gallery;
* Manual;
* Ability to fill in the following fields:
- Category
- Income
- Insertion Date
- Memo Date
- Notes

* Dropbox and iTunes backup. Data export to aMoney, aMoney Lite and myMoney! (In-App Purchase);
* Categories (add, edit, delete);
* Cards/accounts… (add, edit, delete);
* Choose a currency symbol;
* Quality of receipt image (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, 100%);
* Password;
* Delete data;
* Change the number of days before which display alerts for receipts to expire;
* Change the number of days after which to view alerts for receipts expired;

* Version Info aBill;
* Send feedback on the AppStore;
* Mail for support;
* AstrovicApp network:
- Facebook
- YouTube

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To continue to ensure an application that meets your needs, in case of doubt or problems, I invite you to not leave negative comments, but free to contact me by sending an email through the Info menu of the application. In this way I can respond quickly to resolve or clarify any problem individually, offering an effective and an application constantly updated.

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