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Are you studying accounting or bookkeeping in the United Kingdom? If so then this application is for you. This application contains over 1000, originally written, multiple choice questions which allow you to test your knowledge in areas such as:

Business Types
Accounting Equation
Assets and Liabilities
Costs and Expenses
Sales, Income and Expenditure
Costs per Unit
Costs per Classification
Wages and Overtime

As well as these questions the app also contains a handy revision area where you can review the questions you answered incorrectly to guide your future revision. You can choose if you wish to see the answers to the questions you get wrong and adjust the length of the quiz. As well as a random quiz on all subjects you can choose a quiz on a dedicated subject area to test yourself and improve your knowledge.

The quiz provides a random selection of questions with live scores. Once purchased you get unlimited access to the quizzes and free updates to the question bank in the future.

This application does not provide any learning material and should only be used to aid revision and test knowledge alongside a study plan utilising other material or courses. It should not be used as a guide to practice accountancy or bookkeeping. Whilst all questions are checked for accuracy the developer does not take responsibility for any inaccuracies within the questions provided and any loss as a result of using this app and the questions within.

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