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Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour

发行商: The Journal of Chinese Medicine Ltd.
价格: 4.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour

If you’re pregnant and looking for a better birth experience, at last there’s a professionally produced instructional video app offering a detailed explanation of acupressure in labour for both you and your support people.

The acupressure methods outlined in the app are really easy to use, promote natural birth and encourage close partner involvement. As a mum-to-be you need to know that acupressure is safe. Unlike acupuncture where needles are used, acupressure applies physical pressure to specific acupressure points using the thumbs, fingers, hands, elbows, or with various other devices on the surface of the body. Acupressure may control pain during child birth and support your body as it proceeds towards labour. Your baby too can derive many benefits from acupressure. For example, it can encourage the baby into the most optimal position for birth.

The Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour app also includes testimonials from women and their partners who have used the techniques, and includes handy illustrated reminders for quick access.

Ideal for pregnant women and their birth partners, practitioners of acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu and massage, doulas, midwives as well as birth helpers.

Contents include:

•About Acupressure
•Using acupressure appropriately
•A few words for support people
•How to find the eight acupressure points
•Using the points effectively
•Baby in breech or posterior position
•Failure to progress
•Emotional stress during labour
•Nausea, after pains, breastfeeding, postnatal recovery and other problems during and after pregnancy

•Running time: 34 minutes

Other features:

•Handy 'favourites' function for easy access to the sections you need the most
•Use keywords to search the videos and images
•Includes links to further information and research

Debra Betts is an acupuncturist and educator based in Wellington, New Zealand. She has been teaching women, their support people and midwives the techniques demonstrated on this DVD since 1992. Her teaching of acupressure has in this time spread from classes held in her private clinic to international acupuncture and midwifery workshops. Tom Kennedy is an acupuncturist based in Bristol, UK. He has a special interest in treating pregnancy related conditions, and teaches Debra’s acupressure techniques to pregnant women and their support people.

Compatible with iOS 6+


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