Adrian James Body Transformation Pack

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Are you ready to transform your body?

I'm Adrian James and I'm going to help you smash your fitness goals. In just eight weeks, you can transform your body and achieve results you could never have dreamed of.

You put in the work and I'll supply the know-how. Together we can do this. All the tools are right here:

Exercises. Workouts. Challenges. There's even a meal plan to help you adopt healthy eating habits. My specially devised routines will hit every muscle and take your fitness to the next level.

Don't just get in shape – get into the best shape of your life. Look amazing. Feel amazing. Love life.

Your time starts now.

Adrian James

App bundle includes:

• Adrian James 8-week challenge with points system
• 56 graded exercises to challenge every ability level
• Clear video demonstrations with audio commentary
• 'At a glance' tips to guide you through each exercise
• Workout mode with randomised levels to help you to hit your fitness goals
• Motivational quotes to spur you on
• 7-day meal plan with essential nutrition tips
• Absolutely no gym equipment required



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