AEIOU Coloring Book- Paint and Teach Vowels to your Kids

发行商: Foggy Labs
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Paint and Teach Vowels to your kids!

No ads, no hassle, no popus, no in-apps, no unpleasant video ads. Just Fun and Learning! Safe for your kids and safe for your credit card!

No downloads. All content is available offline. Also great for travel.

Whether your are looking to keep your kids and toddlers entertained and still learning this is the coloring book app for you! Great from ages 1-5.

This is a great coloring book, finger painting, finger coloring app in the app store. It will keep your kids entertained for hours.

This app brings the 5 vowels to paint and teach your kids. Colorful and eye-catching characters!

The unique features found in this app:

- Easy to learn and control for your toddler or preschooler
- 5 vowels and animals to paint.
- A set of great eye-catching pencil colors.
- Coloring the drawing and select the tools with the finger (great for those lovely little fingers!)
- No text tools on the main screen. Just icons!
- Easy of use. Just the main tools for 100% of fun.
- No Ads, no Popups, no Hassle, no In-Apps purchases, no Push Notifications.
- no "Rate this App", but we will be glad if take a few seconds to rate us here in the App Store! ;)
- A wonderful coloring game for kids!
- This app helps kids to learn the coloring and painting techniques.
- Toodlers will develop their fine motor skills while are coloring.
- And also, they will learn the Vowels!

Happy coloring and learning!

Also great for kids and people with learning disabilities. Start only with the vowels and make a big move!

What moms & dads are saying about this coloring book:
- "I love this app! It got only the vowels. Great to teach only the vowels!"
- "This keep my 2 year old busy for hours! He loves it!"
- "My son love to paint in this app!"
- "Love it! Great for kids!"
- "My daughter love it and me too, it's a great educational app."

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