Aerial Lights

发行商: Noah Emerson
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Aerial Lights is the worlds most immersive fireworks application. It allows you to drag your finger across the screen and see a spark trail emit from the tip of your finger. This sliding action will also be accompanied by a crackling sound. Once you release your finger a beautiful firework will explode right on your screen with the booming sounds you hear in a real-life display. Aerial Lights is also made to educate users of the chemical components and cultural applications of fireworks. Text in the upper left-hand corner displays a chemical matching the currently selected color. This information is an accurate representation of the substances that would go into a firework similar to this. Controls along the bottom allow you to change the size, color, and type of firework displayed. You can choose from the Big O, Crackle, Classic, and Rapid Fire Fireworks. If you wish to sit back and enjoy a show, you can tap on the 'Auto Play' button. This starts a completely original and unique fireworks display. Lastly, if you click on the 'Cultural Exploration' button, you will see a grid of flags. Each flag contains a fact of how countries use fireworks. The flag will slide over to the fact upon being tapped on.

- Immersive fireworks with spark trails and real-life sounds
- Fully customizable RGB color, size, and type
- Educational information on chemical components
- Cultural background information on fireworks applications
- Detailed background with swaying moon and smoke blowing away
- AutoPlay (original fireworks displays)

I hope you have an amazing time exploring the depths of Aerial Lights.

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