SuperCoach 2020

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Welcome to KFC SuperCoach - Australia's number 1 Fantasy destination

The official app for SuperCoach has all your favourite games located in the one place.

Play SuperCoach NRL & AFL (Classic & Draft) as well as BBL & Racing (Classic) without the need to change apps. Take on your mates for ultimate bragging rights and track your progress against the SuperCoach community in the hunt for huge weekly and major prizes.

New Changes for the Footy season:
- Complete Draft product rebuild including updated live draft product, more customisation and design updates
- New mobile navigation
- Updated Game Day, to follow your live matches more easily across multiple leagues
- Updated designs across all pages
- UX updates including - scrollable statistics, better filtering,

We hope you enjoy the changes, and good luck this season!

The SuperCoach Team

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research. Please see for more information.

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