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Agar Agar Jelly Cake! Food Fun

发行商: Shanze Shafique
价格: 免费


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Are you looking for an awesome no bake dessert making experience, which will satisfy your sweet tooth and your desire to create a gastronomic masterpiece? Look no further. This game will cater to both those needs. Now you can churn out plate after plate of delicious creamy goodness with a blend of jelly, ice cream & seasonal fruits topped with amazing toppers.

Satisfying Smooth, luscious ice cream, packed with oodles of flavor, sandwiched between gelatinous discs of jelly. You can choose from a myriad of flavors and concoct your own special signature recipe and name it after yourself, or your favorite family member.

Get an oddly satisfying ASMR kick from assembling the DIY dessert of your dreams. Start off with a layer of agar glistening jelly, that jiggles at the slightest touch, add a few dollops of chilled ice cream that will give you a cracking brain freeze, followed by another layer of smooth, shiny, agar crystalline jelly. Then comes our favorite part, DIY TOPPING! With endless varieties of toppings to choose from, ranging from juice engorged ripe summer cherries, to warm crumbly cookies pastry with pockets of caramel that burst on your tongue to release their sugary goodness, and rich sauces that coat the insides of your mouth like a warm hug, you can make your agar agar cake into a feast for all your senses. You can top the cake with Unicorn cake toppers, galaxy cake toppers and Rainbow cake toppers for everyone.

Agar Agar Jelly Cake Game Play & Features:
Satisfying & smooth effects with perfect ASMR triggers.
Realistic 3D graphics with smooth & vibrant colors.
Swipe your finger on tray and see amazing jelly popping up with ASMR triggers.
Cream the jelly with whipped smoothly textured ice cream for some extra sweetness.
Top the agar agar jelly cake with tons of toppings including seasonal fruits, rainbow, galaxy & unicorn toppers for some extra fun.
Sell your jelly cake creation at a higher price and unlock new features.
Learn no bake DIY dessert decorations and implement amazing designs in your kitchen in real life.

Satisfy your inner food chef with creative and culinary itch, dive into this game headfirst for some fun cooking and no baking chef experience! Take the plunge already, the jelly cakes beckon!


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