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Agent Of Adventure

发行商: TownSoft
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This game is an abandoned RPG game that develops the city using rewards earned by adventurers.

Hire adventurers at the tavern and start your adventure once you have the equipment for the hired adventurers.
In the adventure you will encounter various traps, caves and monsters.
While left unattended, adventurers come back over those difficulties.
Adventurers come home with "money", "experience value" and "items".

Let's develop the town and guild with the money you got!
You can build various shops in the city.
・ If you build a weapon shop or armor shop, you will have plenty of equipment to bring to your adventure.
・ If you build a tool shop and bring items that are useful for your adventure, your adventure will be stable.
・ If you build a temple, you may be able to revive a dead adventurer.
・ If you build a school, better adventurers will grow up.
・ If you develop a tavern, many adventurers will gather.
・ If you develop the guild, you will be able to raise the level of adventurers.

Let the adventurers learn various skills using the “experience value” you have obtained!
In this game, the adventurer does not grow and HP (life point) is not changed from 15 to 100, and the natural ability is hardly changed.
Instead, learning various jobs makes you dying.
-Fighters are good at fighting, and fighting with swords is good.
・ The bandits are good at detecting and releasing traps, and they protect everyone from traps where the party is annihilated with a single blow.
-Rangers are always on the lookout for enemies, making it harder for them to be surprised. Also, look through enemy mimicry.
・ Healers are good at handling medicine, so they will heal wounds and poisons incurred during the adventure. It may also be resuscitated.
-Sage is knowledgeable and will tell your friends about the nature of the enemy and identify items you have obtained.
・ Magicians are good at magic, and their properties change greatly depending on the magic you choose. It is good at defeating enemies and prevents surprise attacks from enemies.
-> The magician can have the guild teach magic, but only one magic can be learned per level.

A single person can remember multiple jobs if you observe the restrictions on job affairs.
For example, a magician and a sage who require knowledge are compatible with each other, so it is efficient to wear two jobs alone.
Bandits and rangers are both compatible because they require dexterity and agility.

You can get various items for adventure, but most of them are junk.
In many cases, it's better to sell those junk and buy stronger items from the store.
However, rarely valuable items may be available.
Searching for treasures is one of the pleasures of adventurers.

If you go on an adventure from a village in the wilderness, you will find various villages.
There may be other non-human races in those villages.
If you meet them, invite them to an adventure.
You may become part of a new party.

This game was created by the creators who were impressed by TRPG (Sword World 1.0) and Wizardry.

Adventure tips
・ Make all jobs at the first party so there are no blind spots in the party.
・ Since a magician is a job that costs money, you can postpone this job.
・ Since the parameters of abilities that are not used may be close to 0, let's create an adventurer only conscious of the parameters of the abilities used.
・ It will be disposable, but the success rate of the adventure will increase if you bring the tool.
・ In the beginning, money says things. Anyway, collect money!
・ When an adventurer dies, go to the tavern and make new friends. There is no time to immerse yourself in extra sentiment!
・ If it is difficult to capture, there may be an adventurer who is holding back. How about changing that adventurer?
・ If you create another adventurer while the adventurer is on the adventure, you can raise the successor efficiently.

Thank you again this time.


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