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发行商: Paul M. Epley
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad



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AggreGET finds the Geometry-Equivalent Tonnage for 57 different construction aggregates. G.E.T. “Get” it?

Enter the dimensions of your driveway, parking lot, flower bed, rock garden, sandbox, etc., and quickly discover the estimated volume (standard or metric), tonnage (standard or metric), bag/bucket count, and truckload count for 57 types of paving, landscaping, and patching materials.

I'm Matt Epley, and for the past 27-years, I’ve worked in the asphalt paving and aggregate/concrete supply industry. I’m also the designer, programmer, tester, ad man, and tech support for AggreGET.

Ever been stuck with leftover material after a project? Ever have to explain such overages to your spouse and/or boss?

Ever race to the quarry, gravel pit, or hardware store just minutes before quitting time on a Friday evening? All because you were one load short of finishing your project?

It happens to contractors, landscapers, and do-it-yourselfers far more often than they’ll ever admit. Believe me; I’ve seen it all in a quarter-century of construction and material sales.

But what if I told you that a one-time $1.99 investment will reduce your likelihood of overrunning or underrunning your next project?

That’s a small investment for a lifetime of material insurance.

AggreGET offers a unique combination of features that most other material calculators don't:

(1.) Contains zero ads and zero product endorsements.

(2.) Supports 57 different materials (and counting) including processed and unprocessed varieties of sand, gravel, rock, concrete, asphalt, and mulch.

(3.) Performs all calculations from one screen and one screen only. Forget about swiping from screen-to-screen like other apps. AggreGET’s interface keeps things simple.

(4.) Accounts for moisture content in most materials. Did it rain at the quarry or gravel pit recently? If so, you’ll pay for additional water-weight retained by certain materials. Let AggreGET help you account for such factors before you place an order.

(5.) Accounts for eventual compaction as well. Most other material calculators only provide estimates for loose and uncompacted materials. AggreGET realizes that you’ll need more material due to natural settling and/or mechanical compaction.

(6.) Enter any combination of standard and metric measurements, not just one or the other: Inches, Feet, Yards, Miles, Millimeters, Centimeters, Decimeters, Meters, Decameters, Hectometers, or Kilometers...use ‘em all if you need to.

(7.) Calculate weight, volume, bag count, 5-gallon bucket count, and truckload count based on your standard or metric needs. Whether your local supplier sells by the bag (AggreGET supports 13 different bag sizes), by the ton (U.S., Metric, or Imperial), or by the pound, kilogram, or truckload, you’ll have an estimate based on your worksite-specific measurements.

(8.) Want to save an easily identifiable screenshot of your calculations for future reference? AggreGET includes a field for naming your project and a button for saving it to your camera roll with just one touch.

(9.) Not only does AggreGET accept rectangular measurements in Length x Width x Depth, Area x Depth, and in Volume-related formats, it also accepts circular/cylindrical measurements of Diameter and Depth as well. Easily toggle back-and-forth between all four options.

(10.) AggreGET might be the most rigorously tested aggregate, asphalt, and concrete estimation app in the world. I originally designed it as a desktop app for private use back in 2003, but after 15+ years of live testing, customer/contractor feedback, and multiple-thousands of real-world estimates, this mobile incarnation has evolved and its better than ever.

My colleagues and I have used almost every material calculator app in the $1.99-and-under price range, and I believe with all my heart that AggreGET will give you the most options combined with the best user experience of them all.

What are you waiting for?

Download AggreGET now, and GET to work!


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