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发行商: Jean-Philippe Bouchi-Lamontagne
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Much more than a simple logbook! A real Swiss army knife for pilots.

A Flight Log to record your flight hours, monitor your limitations and other tools.

- Import your planning, manually or from your mobile calendar (AIMS / BlueOne / RosterBuster / CrewConnect / Air France / Transavia / Iberia / Air New Zealand / AeroLogic / Ryanair / NetLine / Jeppesen / Air Austral compatibility)
- Insert your flight data (block time, flight time, aircraft, runway in service, number of landings and take-offs, type of approach, personal notes, load carried, fuel etc ...
- Includes a database of 15,000 airports and you can add your own
- Night flight time calculated automatically
- Automatic block hours sync by ADS-B, or capture ACARS screen.
- Monitor its limitations, certificate expirations, FDPmax and EASA + FAA acclimatization, and your recent experience, even with dual EU-OPS qualification (A330 / A350 and B777 / B787).
- Export / print your notebook in PDF (EASA and FAA format)
- Import your LogTenPro logbook | CrewLounge Pilotlog | RosterBuster | | CommOrg | OffBlock.
- Access statistics such as cumulative total per plane, cumulative total per year / month / 90 days / 30 days, world map of your destinations, statistics of the runways used by destination ...
- Save your data on our servers or with your own Dropbox (FREE) and synchronize your notebook with all your other mobiles and platforms.

- Display in 1 click the weather forecast at destination as well as a TAF / METAR PRO analysis.
- Weather Radar Map, Wind Map, Dust / Sand Map, Snow and Clear Air Turbulence PRO.
- Wind display at all flight levels with choice of FL with greatest ground speed PRO
- View the overall status of airports in terms of delay (departure and arrival) PRO.
- View your dose of cosmic radiation per flight, and cumulative.
- Deicing fluids Holdover Time Calculator PRO
- Approach altitude corrections in cold weather
- Dangerous Goods and Drill Codes consultation PRO
- SNOWTAM scanner decoder new format PRO
- View a 3D Northern Lights prediction map PRO.
- Air quality maps: CO (carbon monoxide), PM25 (particles smaller than 25 microns), O3 (ozone), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) PRO
- Preview your level of vigilance with your schedule (Three-Process Model of Alertness by Akersted) - Export to the Jeppesen CrewAlert Pro PRO app.
- Statistical analysis of Delays D0 D5 D15.
- CDB: manage your jumpseat requests
- During the flight, calculate the time of sunrise and sunse, also for moon, from your GPS or manual position.
- Display the status of the contribution flight (ETA) PRO.
- Notifications in case of solar activity or high cosmic radiations.
- Pilot tools (True altitude with margins / obstacles, True speed / terrain altitude, METAR runway state decoding, converter, improved theodolite, true stop margin) PRO
- World Atlas accessible offline
- Operational data in participatory mode
- Runway lengths.
- Country Rules and Regulation CRAR PRO.
- Crew Connect: contact a crew member by flightnumber
- Dark Mode for night flights
- And for geeks, you can measure the effects of time dilation due to the theory of Special relativity;)


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