Airport Fire Truck Simulator

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Do you have nerves of steel and a calm head in times of danger? Then 3D airport fire truck simulator will put you on the edge of your seat. Join one of the most respected careers in the world in 3D Airport Fire Truck Simulator. In this fire- fighting simulation game you’ll be rescuing people trapped in plane crashes, dousing the flames of the burning planes and even make sure the planes are safe. On a modern airport thousands of travellers are in a close proximity environment. So nowhere else the dangers are more apparent than on a modern airport. For a airport fire is one of the most ferocious foes! The risks are very great and therefore a airport needs a elite squad of airport firefighters!

3D Airport Fire Truck Simulator is a new exciting driving simulator game where you can learn the ropes the most elite squad of airport firefighters. Drive around in a nice 3D driving simulator environment. Find your path around the modern airfield , watch out for the planes on the airstrip and other vehicles on the airport. Being a member of an elite squad firefighters means a lot of training. So i this new driving and firefighter simulation 3D game you can learn everything you need if you ever like to be a real fireman and drive around in a fire truck. find the planes that are burning and start hosing them down till the fire is put out. Respond as fast as possible to fire alerts before your mission failed.

Some of the planes and items on the airport caught fire, you need to drive the fire truck towards the fire and operate the fire equipments to put them out in time. The situation is very critical never before a fire is more dangerous than on a real life airport. You have to try your best to put out the fires successfully.

How to play 3D Airport fire truck simulator :

- Rotate the steering wheel to steer the fire truck left or right
- To shift the fear tap it forward or tap again to go in reverse
- To switch between camera modes tap the camera icon and the view changes
- Press the gas pedal to accelerate the fire truck forward or backwards
- To break the fire truck in this driving simulation game press the break button

How to operate the water cannon:

- When nearby the fire use the the touch steering to aim the cannon
- The water meter displays how much water in the tank of your fire truck remains
- Press the spray button to fire the water on top of the fire itself
- Tap the fire extinguisher icon to switch to fire equipment operations panel.
- Tap the steering icon to switch back to 3D driving mode

3D Airport fire truck simulator is a realistic driving simulator game that allows you to drive a 3D fire truck on a airport. Become a real fireman i one of the most dangerous places to work as a firefighter on the airport in 3D Airport fire truck simulator. Be fast because time is not on your side

Drive your fire truck can be a very difficult task! You as an firefighter will experience how it feels to really drive a fire truck. VascoGames is therefore happy to bring you this new 3D Airport fire truck simulator.



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