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AK Interactive APP is the definitive FREE resource for modellers to learn the best techniques. OUR GOAL IS YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Within this APP, you will find TONS of FREE material, and also our award-winning titles in books and magazines. Our aim is to deliver the best modelling techniques to all modellers, and teach them how to achieve the most realistic results, without complicated or time-consuming methods.

Just imagine, for example, that you want to add some mud or dust to your scale model. You go to the APP and check out that specific technique with the search engine feature, finding the exact products that you will need to achieve that result, as well as a guide on HOW TO USE them, and a video showing how those effects are applied. This APP is meant for all of us who enjoy and love this great hobby, and who want answers immediately on hand.


*Inside MEDIA you will find:

- The TECH SHEETS on how to use AK products, on a single page, with the effect applied to plastic swatches, plus a small step by step guide to other uses, and pictures of final models with the effect applied. Within the tech sheets, for most products, there will be links to short videos where the applied effects can be seen at first hand. A quick and easy way to make your model look the very best that it possibly can.
Note: These tutorials are designed to be used with AK products, and may not work the same way with other brands.

- PDF TUTORIALS: extended tutorials created by the best modellers around the world, in a step-by-step format, including small tutorials containing quick TIPS & TRICKS.

- VIDEO: extended tutorials and how-to’s on specific or general tasks, allowing the modeller to achieve incredible and spectacular results.

All this material is FREE, and will be constantly updated with new techniques from the best modellers around the world. As modelling techniques improve and evolve, we will be here to show them to you.


*Under PUBLICATIONS you will find:

- All of our award-winning book titles are to be downloadable, from the FAQ 2 to those that have not been reprinted before, such as the Diorama Addicted Book.

- The famous AK LEARNING SERIES: the quick and easy readable guides for special tasks.

- ACES HIGH MAGAZINE: the backbone of our AIR SERIES, now published in digital.

And many more things to come!!

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