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Aladdin Adventure Pyramid

发行商: Gajera Himmatbhai
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Adventure Aladdine Magic Castle is a very interesting adventure games suitable for kids and adults to have fun with this amazing game.
Must try and get your hands on these unbelievable easy to play and jump the fun games to bring your childhood memory back.Run, Jump, Swim,
Venture in mysterious magic cave.Challenge your friends in this ultimate magic adventurer game.

Aladdin adventure games
Explore the cave of wonder with great platform as you control as the prince to collect gold coins, magical oil lamps and special items and explore
the mysterious temple pyramid environment in this fantasy game.Facing the unknown fear & danger,arrows and fireball attacks; Help him destroy
all the guardian monster by using all the available power ups as you dash, jump, swim and slash you way through the Ancient Egypt where there
are powerful Gods and everything was surrounded with gold. Enter the Mystical Pyramid and race against your friends to see who can complete
the level first. Find out where the magical stone is hidden and take the stone to the right place. Rush as fast as you can and pick up power-ups to
attack enemy, achieve high score by collecting all special item and defeat the final boss. Remember to solve the mystery puzzle and find out all the
secret area.

Aladdin adventure games 3D
Adventure of Prince Aladin Run 3D in Jungle and desert is fascinating platform game.

Super Aladdin adventure games
This super adventure game will certainly blow your mind out. Beautiful and valuable pyramid graphic in lost city. Explore ancient
pyramid with the Arab prince. Your mission is to rescue the princess located somewhere in the lost castle. if you want to live genie in
an exceedingly extraordinary magic world and have a decent time enjoying this excellent adventure game. you love our main
character Aladin and his cute princess this journey of Aladin happened within the desert It's tougher and fun than it seems.Aladdin
together with his beautiful partner Jasmine, they lived long and happy lives subsequently enjoying their destiny.

new Aladdin adventure fight games free
Aladdin Adventure Games In You plan to steal the oil lamp from the magical cave with tons of hidden traps, now beware of the all the
tomb hunter, thug enemy. Remember to collect coin and solve all the mystery puzzle ahead. Be a real adventurer,complete all the
quest given and attack to take down all enemy.

Aladdin adventure
Catch a glimpse of a lost pyramid where dreams come true and fairy-tales are real with the magic lamp. Watch out for snakes, sword guard,
blade and react fast before the prince is in danger.Run and escape from this great pyramid. Beware of the guardians and tough high level,
use wonderful power ups like magical genie and fruits.The hero can slash enemy and shoot weapon in order to pass all challenging levels.

Main Features
- High quality graphics
- Reloaded game play
- All type of IOS devices: TV, Phone, Tablet
- Fun adventure to spend your time with family, friends.
- Background theme: Lost city, Magical Cave, Mysterious Forest, Volcano and more
- Many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonus items.
- Awesome game play reminding to retro classic games.
- intense background music.


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