Alarm Clock Wake ® Pro

发行商: Radin Alcira
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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The real full featured alarm clock in the App Store.


Everything an alarm clock should have:

-iPod music to wake you up even in background or sleep mode
-Choose any gorgeous color theme with large LCD display on landscape mode
-Fall asleep to your favorite tunes with the unique elegant music player
-Large weather info display
-Airplay ready


Easy to use:

-Swipe horizontally to change colors
-Swipe up or down to adjust brightness
-Large stop and snooze buttons
-Double tap to hide weather or music player displays
-See the next alarm time on the clock display


What they say:

“I love the option to start the alarm from quiet to loud. Plus it never fails to start even if you lock your phone and the clock remains in the background.”

“Simple, effective and elegant.”

“Nice interface.”



- various LCD color display: Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Monochrome.
- shows the current date per region settings
- shows the current day
- AM/PM & Seconds
- set to 12 hr or 24 hr display
- portrait and landscape mode with animation effect during transition
- swipe up or down to adjust brightness of the clock display

- displays the alarm – a quick glance for the next alarm time
- beautiful snooze and stop alarm buttons
- automatically display again the next alarm time after pressing the snooze button
- multiple alarm settings – never repeat, daily or choose different days (MWF or TTh)
- choose your alarm sound : built-in or iPod music or even playlist
- sof start fade in alarm setting
- snooze on/off or select snooze time (every 5 mins)
- alarm goes off even if the app is not running (iOS 4.0 & up feature)
- Wake up gently by setting the nature/moods music built-in alarm or your own iPod music
- vibrate on/off
- locked mode will still set off the alarm
- multi-line reminder display – including display of emoji icons

- automatic display of current weather, temperature and forecast H or L temp.
- beautiful weather condition icons
- double tap the weather display to hide or show
- automatically detect your city and displays the current condition
- option to manually enter your city for weather info

-Music Player-
- unique slider metallic theme and classic theme
- set your music to sleep with countdown display
- re-arrange songs in the playlist within the music player
- displays album cover, song title and artist
- double tap the music player area to hide or show
- create playlist within the app - add, delete or skip songs
- use shuffle and repeat functions

-this application uses features available on iOS 8.0
- iPod music can now be used as alarm sound if your iOS 8 device is in sleep mode or locked.
-this is the best UI created for an alarm clock where most settings can be changed by double tapping, swiping left and right or up and down.
-enjoy changing colors by simply swiping left or right

Any concern, please visit our support URL.

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