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Alias — exciting game for friends will make your party incredibly fun and enjoyable!
Game goal is explain to your team as many words as you can and get the highest score.

► Really fun and very simple!
► Add teams and track the scores and places
► Guess the words on the screen
► Huge set of words — over 38 000!
► 16 interesting themes: guess celebrities, movies, music, books and lots more
► Different modes: set the game time, number of rounds, tasks, and other options
► Suitable for kids and adults
► No Ads & in-Apps

► Split into two or more teams (at least two people per team).
► Player from the first team takes the phone and prepares to explain the words to his team.
► If "with tasks" game mode is selected there will be a task on the screen: for example, "kneeling". The player should explain the words doing the task.
► The player explains the word on the screen until time runs out.
► Do not use words with the same roots.

► Game time (from 10 to 120 seconds).
► Number of rounds (from 1 to 100).
► Victory scores — max number of scores, which one team can reach (from 5 to 300).
► Last word — if mode is selected all teams can guess the last word.
► Game with tasks — if mode is selected, players should explain words doing the task.
► Minus per pass — if mode is selected, 1 score will be taken for skipping a word.

1. Start: start set of different words.
2. All words: the largest set of unique words.
3. Easy: simple words for a dynamic game.
4. Medium: medium difficulty words.
5. Hard: the most difficult words, phrases, terms.
6. Kids: play with children — fairy tales and their characters, cartoons, easy words.
7. Celebrities: artists, politicians, models, scientists, sportsmen and others.
8. Movies & Cartoons: films, actors, TV shows, cartoons, characters and others.
9. Trends & Brands: hype words and all kinds of brands.
10. Phrases: multi-word phrases.
11. Sport: kinds of sport, sportsmen, equipment and others.
12. Travel: countries, cities, tourism, mountains, rivers and others.
13. Nature: animals, world, environment, weather and others.
14. Music: songs, singers, music bands, composers, musical terms and others.
15. Literature: books and their characters, writers, genres and others.
16. Art: artists, styles, pictures, sculpture and others.

►You can add new teams in the game.
► You can track the total score and the team place in the current game.
► To remove a team or change its name, swipe from the right corner to the left.
►You can add min 2 and max 20 teams in the game.
►Team name should contain from 1 to 14 characters.

►App contains NO Ads and In-App Purchases.

Have a nice game!

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