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aLL - The Plus Size Store was launched in 2005 with over 4 lakh customers who resonate with our idea. Our view is that Style goes beyond Size. Fashion has no boundary, which is why aLL gives an opportunity to every plus size individual to flaunt themselves without any inhibitions with the aLLOnlineStore mobile application.

• You will be able to browse and shop the latest fashion.
• You will receive exclusive promotions and offers so you are always up to date,
• You will see latest trends/news
• Since we don’t compromise with the quality of products we assure you great quality
• Offering plus Size clothing and accessories for men and women in size XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL.
• You can refine your search based on popularity/discount/prices/colours/sizes and more using sort and filter features,
• You are offered 10 day hassle free return policy for your comfort,
• You can Log-in seamlessly using Facebook and Google,
• We offer detailed size chart so that you get the best shopping experience online
• we have Quick & secure payments to ensure the integrity of user data
• You will be offered Free Shipping and Great deal of incentives to make sure you are here to stay

Explore the latest trends in fashion and shop from the biggest plus size clothing store at aLLOnlineStore.

•Women’s Shopping - Plus Size Tops for Women, Casual Shirts, Shrugs, Jeans & Jeggings, Shorts, Tunic & Dresses, Ethnic wear & more.
• Men’s Shopping - Plus size Jackets , Casual Shirts, Polo & Tees, Winter wear, Ethnic Wear, Formal Shirts, Track Pants and more.

Being a fashion brand, aLL also offers curated looks for our customers to make sure that our customers stay up to date to current fashion trends.

Plus size fashion has never been easier, download our aLL Online Store app now!

Hope you like what you find!

Please share your feedback, call us on toll free no. 18002101881 or mail us at

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