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Amazing Animal Game For Kids

发行商: McPeppergames UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) & Co. KG
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The # 1 children's game in many countries worldwide!

The safe and kid-friendly puzzle for toddlers and children up to 6 years with lovingly designed animals was developed by educators and drawn by renowned illustrators.

Now New:
The game now contains 8 different puzzle packages!
Included are:
Funny farm animals
Wild animals
Baby animals
Ocean animals
Painted baby animals
Animals of the forest
New baby animals
Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals

* Play the first puzzles completely for free!
* Safe gaming for your child - No advertising and third party ads!
* No analytics! No personal data is collected!
* Specially designed for toddlers and children by educators!
* For children easy to use - Control only via icons. Already 1 to 6 year old children can serve this puzzle alone!
* Regardless of language - all children can play this puzzle!
* If your child likes the puzzles, you can get many more puzzles with just one InApp purchase! The full version offers next to the popular plug-in puzzles also other types of puzzles!

+ Universal App (for iPhone, iPod and iPad).
+ Supports Retina Display.
+ Restore button! Buy once and you can install it on all your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
+ Safety function! Parental-Gate for Parent-actions!
+ The placement of the puzzle pieces changes with each new session. So the puzzle always remains exciting!
+ The puzzle encourages good fine motor skills and the logical thinking of your child.
+ Each correctly solved puzzle gives your child a positive reinforcement through a reward.
+ The level of difficulty can be set individually using the "helper duck".
+ Many lovingly drawn animals.
+ Includes a mini-game - "Bubble Monkey".
+ Payment by InApp purchase for the full version is a one-time payment! No hidden costs, no ads, no subscriptions! You will receive all future content updates for free with the full version.

If you have a question, feedback or suggestions, please contact us at:

Thanks a lot!

Your McPeppergames team


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