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Amazing Hero Future City

发行商: muhammadnabeel khan
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Ultimate battle with a superhero is a crime-fighting game against dark forces of the universe with marvelous combos and fantastic powers of the web. Play as a heroic legend with your strange rope power & the whole city fears you.
 Follow the story and accomplish all the quests on your way. The more quests completed, the more energy you have to fight against aliens. And if you do well, you will become an ultimate hero champion of the Vice Town! The gang of offenders appeared in the city and now they threaten entire population. Act as a defender of the people. Use spidey-fighting skills of high level to eliminate enemies. Become the most courageous and fearless hero! After all, as soon as you are capable protect the city from offenders!
All the superpowers of Amazing monster superhero are active and you can fight with flying superhero against neighborhood gang members.  Are you ready for surprise attacks complex tactical exercises and the many sneaky tricks your ultimate rivals have in store for you, destroy an enemy monster? It's time to be a real superhero.
Amazing Hero Game Features:

- Interesting Game Play.

- Delightful and Intuitive controls.

- Stunning & High-Quality 3D Graphics.

- Through the web to capture Enemies.

- Epic combos for fighting with criminals.

- Epic & High-Quality 3D Graphics.
- Save neighborhood with gangsters, solve multiple crimes.
- Help city police to transport money van, fight with mobsters en route.


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