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American truck Simulator 2017

发行商: Tasawar Ahmad
价格: 免费


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Be the king of the road, join the team of truckers and be a heavy truck driver.
Can you drive or handle heavy 18 wheeler grand trucks on challenging roads?
American truck simulator 2017 offers you a chance to check your heavy vehicles driving skills. You can drive American truck and become a heavy truck driver. American truck simulator 2017 gives you an exotic feel of grand driving experience like American and Euro trucks. Drive across America and transport through heavy vehicles. In American truck simulator 2017 there are multiple full of V8 engines powered trucks and cargo transporter vehicles. There are also urban style cargo transporter trucks and massive transporter trucks vehicles.
You can drive this real big truck only if you are a highly skilled grand truck driver. Show your heavy truck driving skills. In this truck simulator game you can drive and get all the epic V8 engine powered heavy vehicles to their destinations. Get your heavy cargo transporter trucks driving skills to extreme level to fully enjoy American truck simulator 2017. This game is designed using grand, heavy and luxury trucks. Driver of this game is assigned various missions on different stages of American truck simulator 2017. Missions are getting harder step by step on every stage of this game.
Player of this game is assigned different tasks and he has to meet those tasks within given time limit. Getting late will cause your failure and no reward or bonus will be awarded. Falling down of load and luggage also causes a failure. Getting to defined parking destinations in time makes you winner and awarded with cash bonuses points. This is speed truck driving and parking game and also for real truck trailer driving and transporter simulation game lovers. Truck driving is full realistic feel like race to accelerate, brake to slow down or stop and steering to navigate your truck different camera views give you an exotic feel of real driving experience. Being a real grand trucker cruise the highways. The American highways are waiting for real American trucker and European highways are waiting for European style grand heavy trucker like you dear!
So what are you waiting for? Download American Truck Simulator 2017 now.

Key features of American Truck Simulator 2017:
-Extreme 4WD game play missions.
-Multiple American and European trucks.
-Realistic engine sounds to enhance your gaming experience.
-Different climate locations.
-Full working truck and trailer lights.
-Realistic physics.
-Realistic fuel consumptions.
-Start with a basic truck and by getting experience will get better trucks and jobs.
-Real HD 3D graphics.


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