Amharic English Dictionary With Amharic Keyboard

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Amharic English Dictionary With Amharic Keyboard and Translator
This is a very well crafted Amharic English dictionary with Amharic Keyboard and translator. It is a quick reference IOS dictionary app. It is easy to use with a practical approach.
This dictionary has more than 50 000 words, basic to advanced English and Amharic words, Computer and scientific words, and English to English definitions. The app has also translator if you need further translation.
The Application has a built in Amharic keyboard. The keyboard has all geez letters you need to write and search Amharic words from this dictionary.

In this July 2017 update, translator has been added to the app. The app can now translate words from English to Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Somali and Swahili, and also vice versa. If the word does not exist in the app, the app directly gives you the option to find the equivalent translation using the translator.

The app will be updated in the future. Please rate the app and also share the app. Thank you very much for installing this app.

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