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The benefits of keeping a journal of ones anxieties and learning to rate the intensity of the fear is broadly recognised. Whether to address the anxiety in therapy, life coaching or on ones own, a record or journal makes it so much easier.

The problem is often in keeping that journal. That is just one of the reasons the Anxiety Journal is so valuable. Accessing your iPhone or iPad ensures you always have your journal with you.

The Anxiety Journal also allows you to share your anxiety with others, as well as providing an overview of when your fear arises and other insights such as triggers, intensity and frequency.

Key is the inclusion of both distortions and resources which help you to develop a strategy for managing and even challenging your anxieties.

Simple and straight forward the user friendly set up makes it accessible and understandable, a tool for everyone.

Technology is meant to make life easier for us and this is a simple app designed to do just that. So whether you just want to jot down your fears and get them out of your mind, or explore and develop techniques that help fight the fear take a look at the anxiety journal app

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