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Any List - Chores to do

发行商: Govind Bandral
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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Any List - Chores to do is an amazing app which makes everyone's life and day to day chores more efficient and organized.
Whether you are at a grocery store, at the office or planning a vacation, Any List makes sure you don't miss out on anything.

Any List is simple and easy to use app with a beautiful user friendly Interface.

With Any list, you'll always stay in track and can keep tabs on the progress without missing out on anything. It's a universal checklist.

Any List is fast and easy with no hassles just create you list - add items to it and once task is completed the mark it as completed.
It will give you information about the progress of your list.

You can share any list with your friends or practically with anyone you want to. You can take picture notes for quick addition and keep them as a reference to complete you list.

Or, If in a hurry - you don't have time to write down everything written on a board or some where else just use Any List's "Snap In" feature to keep a copy of photo notes. Amazing features to experience.

Just create any kind of checklist NO Restrictions!!!!

1. Create any kind of checklist.
2. Share your list with everyone and anyone.
3. Take picture notes
4. Easy to use.

Example Lists:
Shopping List
To do List
Project List
Chores List
Employee List
Progress List
Check List
and more


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