Appoint - 一种得心应手的日历

发行商: Urs Gort
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Get faster, get beyond typing. Create your events as fast as never before, manage your schedule more efficient than ever. Appoint calendar is for people who need a tool, not a toy.

Appoint enables you to:

- type less, by making intelligent suggestions to complete and prefill all event details for you

- quickly enter the time in a natural way '9-12am', '3pm', '10:00am', '5m', '1.5h' ... - by the way: in any locale

- access contacts with a single tap, names are automatically detected

- see your schedule in day, week, month or list view

- use drag & drop in order to move or copy events

- search in any field and in any view, in case you are in need of a powerful search and filter function

- easily discover and resolve scheduling conflicts

- use the integrated map and turn-by-turn directions to find your way

- discern at a glance how dense your schedule is and when holidays are coming

- use powerful but simple to use recurrence rules to manage your appointments

- see when your events take place in relation to now in the gorgeous list view e.g. 'today' or 'in 3 weeks'

- customize the looks of the app to your own liking with beautiful color themes

- share your events via email and quickly reply to all attendees of a meeting.

- oversee and reply to invitations

- travel with timzone support that just works

- directly call phone numbers in the location field

- zoom in day and week views

- use iCloud, Google, Exchange or any other service supported by iOS to synchronze your events. Appoint will always be in sync with the default calendar app

- keep your personal data on your phone, and not someone's service on the internet - Appoint lets all the magic happen on your device (depending on your settings iOS itself does synchronize data to cloud services like iCloud)

Appoint is easy to use, just:

- tap to choose

- long tap to change

- swipe to travel through time

- tap on date on top to get back to the current day

We have tons of ideas to further simplify your life and look forward add them to Appoint, with further developments. In the meantime we would love to hear your ideas and wishes. Let us know at

Made with passion in Switzerland

Gold award best of swiss apps 2014

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