Aquarium Time

发行商: John Ostler
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Aquarium Time makes it fun and easy to create time-lapse videos of your aquarium inhabitants and watch them grow! Start by taking pictures of your corals, plants, snails, crabs, starfish, and full sections of your tank. Use the overlay tool to line up your shot from previous photos to create a seamless time-lapse. Easily play and replay your photo collections to see the growth using easy to use video controls. When it's time to post progress, with a touch of a button a time-lapse video will be created for you to save to your device library and to share on your favorite aquarium social media channels.

• Create any number of aquarium photo collections
• Easily add new photos over time using the in-app camera
• Show/Hide an overlay of your last photo so that each new photo lines up precisely with the last one you took
• Easily export videos to your device library
• Easily share square videos to your social media channels
• All photos automatically get placed in an album on your device

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