Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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This is a sound or signal generator with one oscillator. It can play customisable wave form so you control the number, direction, amplitude and sharpness of the peaks.
This instrument clearly demonstrates the physics of the sound and most importantly you can see that humans do not hear frequencies but amplitude acceleration (or peak sharpness). Also the peak position or direction inside the sound wave has no impact of human perception for the sound. You can even hear 0.2Hz sound of the peak is sharp enough and the frequency (self repetitiveness) of the signal is not actually meaningful for our ears. In nature there are no perfectly repeated waves and the sound has more free wave nature so what is important fo our sound recognition abilities is the peaks sharpness and the number and amplitude of those peaks :)
Frequency domain and FFT for music can’t be more wrong and misleading.
So work in time domain and handle those peaks to move the science and music ahead!

The app can be used for physics, music or sound, education or what ever.

Oscillator range 0.2Hz - 20KHz
Arbitrary waveform with up to 10 peak control points.
Peak width and possible peak vibration

Stop using FFT for sound - it is CPU expensive and dead wrong :)

频率发生器 high frequency noise waveform function generator sound generator signal generator tone generator noise generator signal gen high frequency words 信号发生器 高音質 frequency sound frequency analyzer sound frequencies 频率 声调 sound analyzer 音高 音准


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