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Archery Talent

发行商: 浩 章
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1.The most influential cross-platform 3D bow game in 2020

2.A hyper-realistic 3D archery game with this year's first independently developed engine

3.In the global cross-platform bow game environment, compete against players worldwide for the title of archery champion

Real-time 1v1 match, next-gen 3D picture, give you a hyper-realistic first-person bow game experience

A big-time 3D bow game, your first free leisure game choice.

!!!!!!Game Features:!!!!!!

Have a real battle with real people all around the world in 1-on-1 matches to earn and collect bows!

Unlock hundreds of shooting archery levels to be the best.

Multiple archery shooting locations: City, Archery Field, Iceland etc.
Improve your archery skills in single game mode.

Next-generation 3D picture quality allows you to experience the ultra-realistic first-person archery game similar to PUBG.

Hundreds of different difficulty levels are waiting for you to challenge.

Rich archery scenes can create an immersive experience for you while shooting arrows. There are also cute pandas to cheer for you.

Win games, get pieces of equipments, and synthesize your own equipment, and you can upgrade.

Creation of a club, so many masters will join your team. You can exchange archery techniques and give away equipment fragments.

You can control the whole situation with one finger, press and release, you are the champion.

We have the most realistic 3D picture effect of the whole platform, ultra-high-definition picture quality, ultra-realistic bow and arrow equipments, and a super refreshing sense of hitting the target.

We have first-class experience of shooting. Download the game now. Archery Master, free download. Come and win your glory.

You can share your happiness with your friends and feel the charm of this archery game.

what are you waiting for? Pick up your bows and claim the throne!

!!!!!!Have fun !!!!!!


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