ArchPapers (Architecture Magazines)

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ArchPAPERS is your library in the cloud specialising on #Architecture -Magazines & Books-. It's a platform - Kiosk sales, reading magazines and storage architecture. You can find the most important magazines & books in the market ordered by collections / editors.

● The interface has been especially designed to be comfortable and easy to use.
● The magazines are in ordered collections
● You can sort the different editions depending on your preferred order
● The magazines are grouped into 'My Magazines', 'Magazines not bought' and 'All'. This way you can quickly go to those that interest you.
● All magazines have several pages 'previews' to get a good idea of its contents (low resolution)
● The display of magazines is a HIGH RESOLUTION. You can view text, images and drawings in detail.
● Even smaller texts can be read easily by zooming to the page.
● The images have higher resolution than the printed version of the magazine, so you can better see the details by zooming the picture.
● The plans and construction details at high resolution and zoom let you capture the image (with the iPad screen capture) to the detail you want.
● The constructive legends can be read perfectly, better than in printed version (for those who complain about the small text)
● Each editorial (magazine collection) has a direct link to the website without leaving the application.

///// VIEWER
● This is the best part of the application.
● We have been very careful with the engine so you can move quickly through the pages without noticing any delay in loading the images (others can not say the same).
● Pass quickly from one page to another of the magazine faster than you can afford by sliding your finger across the screen.
● With a double tap you can quickly zoom to any area of the page. With a new double tap zoom back to the original.
● You can set the background reading of the magazine to your liking from a gradient from white to black.
● You have a visual index at the bottom with all pages in thumbnail to jump quickly from one article to another.
● It also has a totally ordered index down by sections and magazine articles.
● All controls are automatically hidden not to disturb reading at all.

● Forget having to back up your magazines (although you can always do it through iTunes, of course).
● We offer a storage service in the cloud, so that you can download the magazine tha you have purchased as many times as you want.
● Imagine that your terminal needs to have more memory space to buy more magazines, then just delete the magazines you've already read, download the new ones and you are ready.
● Those magazines that you have deleted are stored on your cloud waiting downloading again when you need them.

///// ADVICE
● We welcome all suggestions to improve and / or extend the application.
● Do not forget to vote for us well in the ratings to help us know that we can expand this platform and observatory related issues.
Thank you very much.

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