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Area Distance Measuring Tool

发行商: seawellsoft
价格: 4.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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***A simple tool to measure area, perimeter and distance. it will allow you to measure only area no matter what shape it is…
***Calculate the area for any arbitrarily shaped area of land such as polygon, triangle, hexagon etc…
***The app is useful to calculate GPS Area perimeter and distance with great accuracy.
There are two ways to measure:
a) Manually or
b) By record your position with GPS service.
***Manual measurement:

Open the app Area Distance & Perimeter calculator and click on the map to add positions. You will find Area, Perimeter & Distance at the top of the Screen. Pick one option and you will be able to choose between (i) Manual measurement and (ii) GPS measurement. By default you are in Manual measurement and the application will allow you to put markers on the MAP.
With Manual measurement you can put multiple markers on the MAP just by one click or one touch. You can delete and edit marker positions. To delete a marker, just click once on the marker and the maker will be removed. To edit a marker you can drag and drop it at a specific position. Simple hold the marker for a second and drag it to the desired position. You are able to adjust a marker position without deleting the existing marker or adding a new one.

***GPS measurement

Open the app Area Distance & Perimeter calculator and choose GPS Mode by clicking on the hand button on left side. You will get Area, Perimeter & Distance at the top of the screen. The app will show your current location. If you click on the Start button your current position is recorded. Now you can simply move around the location of which you want to calculate the area, perimeter or distance. Click on DONE button to stop recording. The app records your location based on your GPS position, no manual positioning is required. You can edit your GPS positions by dragging and dropping any marker to a specific spot on the map.

***App Usage:

**Use full to contractor to provide quick and easy estimate.
**Use full for calculating and measuring landscaping, fencing, Golf fields , Roofing , spraying , Tilling , Lawn, gardens and paddock .
**Usefull for anything that requires area measurement.
*Other usages:
*Road repairing
*Range finder
*Agricultural measure
*Solar panel installation
*Outdoor measurement
*Real estate

*** If you like this app and find to be useful or if you have any thing to be added as an functionality , please do provide us with the your feedback at your effort to improve the app would be appreciated

***NOTE: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life”
“Turn off GPS when not in use”


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