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Art Fitting

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Fitting is the mathematical method of connecting a series of points on a plane with a smooth curve that contains an infinite number of possibilities. In the advances and retreats of globalization, the ways of connecting every discrete place on earth have changed. Art Macao is a mega international cultural and artistic event in Macao, which brings an immersive cultural atmosphere to the entire city as a gallery and an art garden, and creates a contemporary art boom in Macao. Through the organic co-operation with the artist, Art Fitting will connect various art and cultural venues scattered in Macao through AR, using the artist's imagination to fill in areas that are not yet accessible to the cognitive mind. It also showcases parallel worlds beyond the physical exhibition, opening up an unprecedented art viewing experience. The public can also save the relevant effects by taking pictures with their cameras.

AR experience includes
Space scanning experience:
1. Space scanning can be carried out on-site at these locations: Galaxy Macau; City of Dreams; MGM Cotai; The Venetian Macau; Grand Lisboa Macau; Wynn Palace; A-Ma Temple Front; Reunification Square; Macau Museum of Art
2. Select the location, scan the space and then publish the corresponding AR work
3. Pictures and text descriptions of AR works in each location
4. In different locations, different AR works appear
5. One-click photo
Plane placement experience:
1. Choose "off-site" to experience anytime and anywhere
2. Choose different works to place in the AR library
3. Can scan any plane
4. Adjust the brightness, color temperature and shadow of AR works in the environment
5. The size and rotation of AR works placed on the plane can be adjusted
6. Reset the adjusted effect
7. One-click photo
Map introduction function:
1. Mark all AR experience points on the map
2. Each experience point has a brief introduction information
Use suggestions:
Art Fitting art APP, there are two main experience modes:
1. After selecting any of the 9 "exhibition locations", the introduction of AR works in that location will appear. After clicking the "Enter AR" button, please move your phone left and right to scan the environment around you. After the environment is identified, a virtual display will appear. AR works.
2. After selecting "Not on site", please use your mobile phone to align the plane for recognition and scanning. After recognizing the plane, you can select any AR work you want to place in the work library, and you are also free to adjust the parameters of the work and environmental effects.


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