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asmPro:Anchor Safe Monitor Pro

发行商: Astra Yacht
价格: 10.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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The most complete system to monitor anchoring of your boat: no more sleepless nights in harbour!
As you set anchor and boat points, Anchor Safe Monitor let you control the mooring state in real-time giving you the possibility to receive an audio alarm, an email or a phone call as notification if the boat exits from security zone defined.

Even more complete with the new control function with tilt can send email message with the output from the swing area allowed (in PRO version)

Anchor Safe Monitor PRO is unique in the world as you can verify if the mooring process is correct after the boat is anchored and fix anchor and boat points if you set them not precisely.
An acoustic alarm catch your attention when boat is no longer anchored and exceeds security zone defined: with PRO version you can set to be notified in case of alarm also with an email or a phone call.

Main functions:
•Define anchor point and boat’s position, taking data from
device’s GPS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)
•Monitor real-time boat’s relating to security parameters defined
•Warning alarm in case of boat exceeding security zone defined
•Cartographic interface (Google Maps)
•Sophisticated GPS filtering system to have the most accurate / reliable GPS data and eliminate false alarm
•Possibility to collect mooring data for later analysis

In PRO version Anchor Safe Monitor let you:
• new management function of the swing with the possibility to select an area of possible danger withint the rotation area of the anchor.
•Replace anytime anchor and boat points on map
•Manage an anchoring test showing you if the mooring quality is good
•Receive alarm notification in form of email so you can stay updated even at distance if the boat goes wide or enter in the exclusion zone (and use it as anti-theft system)
•It acts as a satellite location system in the event of theft of the boat;
placing your smartphone in a hidden position and silent mode, will continue to send the updated data position of your boat, sending email with the GPS position of your boat.

Anchor Safe Monitor comes with a detailed user manual which can be consulted by pressing the "i" in the upper right corner of each page.

WARNING : Continuous use of GPS running in the background can significantly reduce battery life.


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