Athletics Running Race Game

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Have you ever dream of having a fame of the best sportsmen? It’s your chance to begin the career of professional runner with Athletics Running Race Game! Run faster to get the best results and surpass other participants to become a champion!

Run fast, jump high – do anything to win the contest! Try 2 game modes with 2 distances:
From 100 meters to 1500 meters without obstacles
From 110 meters to 400 meters with obstacles

Allow youself to feel like a professional athlete master with Athletics Running Race Game! Develop your runner and equipment, and become the ultimate running racer as you progress through your athlete career. Collect all gold medals and become the world’s champ! True muscleman, it's time to throw away all the boring runner simulators and start to enjoy Athletics Running Race Game!

Take part in a famous Rio Championship. Choose the country and sportsman – and start amazing athletic adventure prove that you are a strongman! Korea, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Italia, even Australia – your athlete can be a citizen of any country! Defeat other athletes and climb the ranks to become a winner of the Rio Championship.

Athletics Running Race Game features:
Popular running contest for all the fans of sports
Intuitive controls and realistic physics
Wide range of treks, sportsmen and equipment
Realistic 3D environment – welcome to the Rio
Challenging and addictive gameplay

Let’s remember Physical Education lessons, upgrade your running skills and compete to reach the best result at every trek! Achieve the top of the tournament table, win the gold and become a Rio Champion with Athletics Running Race Game!

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