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ATR 72 Simulator Checklist

发行商: Raj Kumar
价格: 999.99 USD


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ATR 72 Simulator Checklist
Preflight checklist. In ATR 72-500 Simulator Checklist, a preflight checklist is a list of tasks that should be performed by pilots and aircrew prior to takeoff. Its purpose is to improve flight safety by ensuring that no important tasks are forgotten.

This ATR 72-500 Simulator Checklist an overview of ATR 72-500 Simulator Checklist Pilot normal, emergency, and abnormal procedures, Preflight Checklist app (The Cessna Edition) is another key publication in a series of aeronautical educational reference tools. The app is designed as a reference & educational companion tool for the pilots.

Your wait for a professional grade aviation checklist is over! We are proud to introduce the ATR 72-500 Simulator Checklist. This app designed and developed by professional pilots and instructors for pilots and aviators like you.

This App provided the checklist and emergency procedures,
Potential features coming in future updates:
-Save important phone numbers and frequencies
-Prevent display from sleeping & other settings
-Support for other aircraft
ATR 72-500 Simulator Checklist is the only professional grade Aviation Checklist built for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. What set our checklist apart from others are the ease of use, ergonomics,

Trainer checklist categories:
- Cabin
- Before starting engine
- Starting engine
- Before takeoff
- Normal takeoff
- Short field takeoff
- Enroute climb
- Cruise
- Descent
- Before landing
- Normal landing
- Short field landing
- Balked landing
- After landing
- Securing airplane
- Airspeeds for Emergency Operations
- Engine Failure during takeoff roll
-Engine failure Immediately after takeoff
- Engine failure during flight (Restart Procedures)
- Emergency landing without engine power
- Precautionary landing with engine power
- Engine fire in flight procedure
- Electrical fire in flight procedure
- Cabin fire
- Icing
- Wing fire
- Landing with a flat main tire
- Landing with a flat nose tire
- Map
- And More

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This application is intended for use as a reference and training aid, and is not an official document. It is the user's responsibility to be familiar with, and act in accordance with, the appropriate official operating manual(s) when piloting an aircraft.


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