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Auctionwini makes it easy to buy the selected salvage car.

Auctionwini is an app that provides the new standard for salvage auto auctions, so you can bid & win without a business license and use it for one-click delivery.

1. Minimum Commission
Auctionwini is free of broke fee. And you can join without a business license.
With all these unnecessary intermediate margins removed, anyone can easily join and win a bid at a low price.

2. Selected Salvage Car
Are you still scratching your lottery ticket in the flood of vehicles? We offer selected vehicle one by one. Don't be fooled by the pictures anymore.

3. On Demand Shipping
Are you still unable to deliver even if you are a winner? Auctionwini will be one click away from the junkyard to the desired port. It's cheaper without agencies.

Are you surprised at our service? Then, don't hesitate to use it! After a few simple steps, you can participate in the auction right away.

From Sign-In to Shipping
1) Please join the membership and upload your government issued photo ID.
2) Once your ID is certified, please transfer $300 deposit to Auctionwini account (you can get refund 100% of the deposit).
3) Bid for the vehicle you want.
4) Please select a shipping option for the vehicle you have won the bid for. Auctionwini accepts all requests from cutting to disassembly.

For further questions,
Please contact us at

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